November 7, 2019

Key Note: the Voluntary Zoo
Thijs de Zeeuw, Clemens Driessen
Reading Zoos in the Age of the Anthropocene
Workshop 2: Captivity/Escape
7–9 November, 2019
Utrecht University, Netherlands

In the context of the ongoing research project, “Reading Zoos in the Age of the Anthropocene”, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) by Kári Driscoll, a series of three workshops is organised to explore the past, present, and future of the zoo as a space of the imagination which both mirrors and shapes the broader cultural understanding of the natural world and our relationship to it. Over the last two decades, in the context of growing public awareness of climate change and mass extinction, that relationship has been changing. During the same period, the zoo has become a focal point for a new wave of literary and cinematic representations which reflect the fears and uncertainties about the future, but also seek to imagine alternative, multispecies futures. These representations serve as a lens through which to explore how the relationship between humans and the natural world is changing in the age of the Anthropocene.

Captivity / Escape

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