June 10, 2022

The Hearing, Architecture & Ethics – a plea for a multi species society at the Nieuwe Instituut / Archined
Thijs de Zeeuw

Archined, in collaboration with Theo Deutinger and Christopher Clarkson of The Department, presents The Hearing – Architecture & Ethics: Critical Statements for the Future. Spatial design is intrinsically an activity with social and, equally often, political impact. What are the effects of particular (design) choices on society, the earth and the climate? In what way do architects relate to the world and to what extent are they held accountable to it?

With the Ministry of Ethics, The Department has laid the administrative basis for a comprehensive governmental checklist with which to measure designers along an ethical yardstick. Do they meet the ethical standards of today? Or should they be removed from the Architects Register? The speakers take the checklist as the starting point for critically advising the ministry and, as befits a good debate, the audience can join in. The evening will be moderated by JaapJan Berg.

The Hearing is the closing event of the long-term and multifaceted project The Persistence of Questioning: Critical reflections for the future, on architecture and more.

Voor meer info en tickets: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/the-hearing-architecture-and-ethics-critical-statements-for-the-future-tickets-338893267887

Ministerie van Ethiek