February 29, 2020

Zoo of Uncertainty: A Talk on Multispecies (Mis-)Understanding at Stroom
Thijs de Zeeuw

This edition of Uncertainty Seminars deals with the theme of multispecies & (mis)communication. Since the attempts to make celebrity dolphins part of the anglosphere, artists and scientists have found numerous ways to approach nonhuman communication: from having sheep play Shakespeare, creating a language for the future inhabitants of Mars, to analysing the language of fossils from eras other than the Anthropocene. How can experimental practices show us different ways to live in a multispecies environment?

This edition of Uncertainty Seminars continues the research Stroom undertakes under the umbrella term of De Dingen, launched in 2018, on the changing hierarchies between animals, plants, machines, humans, others, and things.

curated by: Lua Vollaard
program concept: Ilga Minjon & Radna Rumping
design: The Rodina