October 24, 2018

Amsterdam Meeting #1
Some notes from ZOOOF meeting 24 October 2018 (incomplete) by David
  • Pessimistic, end-optimist, realistic,
  • Disappointment
  • From the book
  • Mourning nature or mourning capitalism
  • Melancholy vs. mourning
  • Melancholic aspects of zoo, conserving the feeling, memories of the zoo, generations, your glad – is still there, and it being not acceptable at all anymore, but it got better
  • Mourning and abstraction, mourning about something is abstract as climate
  • Environmental decay is a gradual process not abrupt
  • What is mourning? and can you design a process of mourning, a event a momentum of mourning
  • It would be great if you can go to this place and you can die, zoo landscape of ris failing experiments, olympische spelen as cosmopolitan feeling, Armenia stars and touching the earth – the landscape of stone, on top of a mountain at night
  • The wild cube, art piece, beautiful
  • Bamboo cutting, decolonizing material,
  • Bella Tar, whale movie Hungary – Werkmeister Harmoniac
  • Hancocks, ideal enclosure, the drawing of Darwin of the English Hatch