February 17, 2019

ZOOOF Workshop #2

To kick off the new year the Z├╝rich and Amsterdam teams are getting together for a long weekend of work and inspiration. The first day consisted of an excursion to the Oostvaardersplassen and Marknesse to visit a gorgeous adaptation of a monument to Dutch engineering, called the Waterloopbos.

On day #2 a lot of hard work was done. From discussions of who the lion would eat first, speculations on multispecies futures, what the qualities of rubbing your skin with crude oil and the possibility to tell the whole history of the zoo through one family of giraffes; everything was possible. At the end of the day Maarten Reesink dropped by and gave stimulating feedback with incredible enthusiasm. It was so mind-blowing that at a certain point a window broke.

On day #3 we had to take move into the present and relive the past to reflect upon the future. So we went to the zoo. Apart from watching all types of unexpected interactions, like incubating lions, monkeys at the wailing wall and fluffy bats, we were able to taste some poisonous fruit without getting sick.

ZOOOF tasting fruit by Anna Fink