Project #2

Wilding the Zoo
A project about finding the wild in human
and non-human animals
What does a zoo look like where you are emphatically invited to use your intuition; a zoo where risk and wildness make you aware that your body is equal to the animals, the plants, the earth, the air. Wilding the zoo invites you to taste, sniff, feel, connect and discover yourself being part of nature.
In the post-captive zoo, elements of captivity become construction materials for new anthropocene multispecies communities. Symbols of captivity and speciesism become a source for symbiosis and interspecies complexity. The wild zoo escorts our curiosity back to our pre-human intuition into a post-human interspecies environment.
It searches for new rituals of connection by exploring empathy for the non-human. The wild zoo is like paradise: a walled laboratory of cohabitation...

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