Project #3

Unearth Zoo
Unearth zoo is a project about extremophiles colonizing our universe.
‘We’re staying with the trouble… anywhere in the universe.’ What can the extremes of outer space tell us about our own nature? How does a zoo look like if we redesign zoo nature for extra-terrestrial future on earth? Unearth sets out to explore the new frontiers of our understanding, of the beginning of life in our universe.
Unearth Zoo, february 2019
What can astro-biological life teach us about the unsurmountable complexity of life on earth? What can these extreme conditions tells us about our own limits to growth? Extraordinary forms of life have only been discovered after the first man landed on the moon. They have unravelled yet unforeseen possibilities for life on earth and has redirected our search for life beyond Earth's atmosphere. Unearth zoo brings these extremophile habitats into the zoo. An unworldly garden of underwater volcano's', high-altitude clouds, oil seeps and infinite meteor shadows.

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