February 11, 2019

Five Unearthly Questions about Extremities of Life
David Habets, BADIN

Unearth Unzoo is neither a Zoo, nor Earthly. In order to find an aesthetic for this Unspace, or a landscape form if you wish, we question the present boundaries of both a Zoo and the planet Earth.



What can extremes and boundaries of outer space tell us about our own nature?

Escapist pilgrims travel to the International Space station to experience the world as a whole from the outside – a lived experience that astronauts bring stories back from. This inspires us to explore worlds beyond the boundaries of our life giving atmosphere. To explore the universe is yet another space to be curious about.



Let’s fly there, what do we experience?

Psychology of extreme alienation of both outer and inner space – we try to make encounters at the end of the world. Extreme conditions and seemingly sterile environment triggers a biophylic reaction. The russian astronaut XY is photographed while hugging a dying plant. Living with damaged landscapes starts the process of appreciation of the living ones. Unearth Unzoo is living with a damaged landscape.



What are the most extreme and harshest ecologies – natures beyond current imagination?

Unearth life is extreme,


rocks          are          alive

oilfields          breed

meteors         are          gardens


islands           get          born

clouds         fall

oceans         are          twisting


corals          are            smoking

horizon         disappears

rocks         are          alive.


We translate unearth elements into the language of zoo landscape architecture. A new universe for a Zoo. Unearth Unzoo brings the collection of Unearth life into an existing Zoo.



How does Zoo look like if we redesign its nature for a site-specific extra-terrestrial future?

A human and non-human shadow floats on the ground, It is not the man made that throws its shadow on the natural, it is an assemblage of all seemingly impossible symbiotic life forms. Cosmic shadows crossed contemporary boundaries of what we call a Zoo. They are the seemingly impossible symbiotic life form of all living species. They are real and yet only shadows. Unearth Unzoo is a literal vision on how to see the infinitely small in an infinitely large space-time.



Were we ever really modern?

Zoo’s want to be cutting edge institutes that teach us about the natural world, yet they still do it from a human centred worldview that roots in modernism. Unearth Unzoo builds on this important narrative function that has arisen in the zoo over the last centuries. To travel through Unearth Unzoo is to travel through space while staying on Earth.

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