November 18, 2019

Work in progress: ZOOOF model Multispecies Narratives
narratives for new multispecies encounters

After months of working on the project and developing four scenario’s, ZOOOF is now putting together¬† a model that visualises their narratives. Made with the help of Roel Huisman and Ernesto Yelamos and the generous funding of the Stimuleringsfonds and Stichting Stokroos, they are currently finishing the last bits and bops to start seeing how they can use their model that give a voice to actors that are otherwise unheard.

photographs were taken by Jaap Scheeren

the antilope house seen from a birdseye
ibex preparing for bed on the hibernation rock
elephant coming back after a day out in the city
multispecies picknick
caravan of the dead
sitting on the bridge overlooking the zoo boulevard
the recreational oil fields and some of its visitors

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